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Sponsor A Horse


Anyone, anywhere can sponsor one of our equines on the Available for Adoption and Resident Horses lists.

  • Sponsorships can be one-time or repeat donations of any amount!
  • Sponsoring one of our rescues helps offset the cost to care for that horse while they wait for their permanent homes. 
  • We are in need of caring people to sponsor our horses. 
  • Some of the needs of our horses can be quite costly and having more that one Sponsor is a great gift to the animal and the rescue!

Our goal is to have every horse sponsored, until they find their new home. Please consider being a sponsor for one of our wonderful horses or donkeys by submitting a Sponsor Form 



Do you have a birthday, anniversary, graduation or any special occasion coming up and have no idea what to do when it comes to a gift? This is a great way to honor your friend or companion!!

As a sponsor, your name and the gift recipient's name will appear on our "Available for Adoption" page next to the horse you choose to sponsor. One month or ongoing sponsorships are welcome.

If you wish to use your sponsorship to promote your business, we will provide your business name, telephone number and address on our sponsor info at the end of the "Available for Adoption" page.  We will provide this information for as long as you wish to contribute. 

All sponsorships and donations are tax-deductible so sponsor a horse for a friend as a gift by submitting your Sponsor Form today!



Some of the equines at Give Me A Chance Equine Rescue cannot be adopted out, either due to legal reasons or physical/behavioral problems or special circumstances.  They need sponsors to help with their daily care.


Bob is a 28+ year old very sweet and wise Thoroughbred gelding that has captured all of our hearts!       Sponsor Bob

Bob is being sponsored by Jara Ambrose, Arkadelphia, AR


Blackjack was attacked by a jack at his previous home and was seriously injured. He has fully recovered and has kept such a good disposition through hard times that we will keep him as the "greeter" at the ranch. Blackjack loves to talk . . . er, bray! Sponsor Blackjack

Blackjack is being sponsored by Dana Byrd of Bryant, AR in memory of Ralph and Ann Hall's horse, Sparkle of Bryant, AR

Blackjack is being sponsored by Sandi Deal of Seminole, Florida

Blackjack is being sponsored by Nancy Segovia
, Cabot, AR


Strike For Richard is a 15-year-old Thoroughbred gelding who came to Give Me A Chance Equine Rescue with a pulled suspensory ligament. The ligament has healed but he has developed ringbone which is a hard swelling that partially encircles the pastern. Ringbone can have a variety of causes (we are not sure why Richard developed it) and may or may not cause the horse to become unrideable. Richard is hard to keep weight on, so he requires a special diet and supplements of Empowerment and Canola oil. He is a former racehorse.  Sponsor Strike For Richard  

Richard is sponsored by Denise Palmer, Little Rock, Arkansas


Spice is a very sweet mare that is completely blind. Sponsor Spice 

Spice has been "adopted" by Bill and Mary Hall of Dardanelle, AR.


Cherokee is a splashy, sweet blind mare that loves attention. Sponsor Cherokee 

Cherokee is being sponsored by Jen and Dave Williams of the Manchester Community.


Black Beauty came in with Cherokee and is also blind. Sponsor Black Beauty 

Black Beauty is being sponsored by Dana Williams.


Miss Mary is a BLM mustang mare that is blind.  She is estimated to be around 14 years old. Sponsor Miss Mary

Miss Mary is being sponsored by Margaret Adams, Little Rock, AR


Uncle Buck and Sugar Pie are very small, so they can travel easily to events such as fundraisers and fairs as representatives of Give Me A Chance Equine Rescue. Sponsor Sugar Pie or Uncle Buck

Sugar Pie is being sponsored by Sandi and Tom Deal of Seminole, Florida